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MARCH 2002

Special Focus



  • Editorial Comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Publisher
    Today' s skills shortage is more than a lack of personnel
  • Drilling developments

    Robert E. Snyder, Contributing Engineering Editor
    IADC chairman calls for industry stability; Lehman' s rig guessing contest
  • International

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing/International Editor
    Canadian firms are wary, but not fearful of 2002' s upstream potential
  • International Politics

    Stuart Wilkinson, Contributing Editor
    Mature citizenship gives Venezuela an edge over Argentina
  • Offshore update

    Robert E. Snyder, Contributing Engineering Editor
    Sale 181 was quite competitive; MMS approves FPSOs, royalty relief rule
  • What's new in production

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Camisea export project takes baby step; Foothills has half-price alternative
  • What's new in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    New mass extinction theory; Alaskan leasing and Kenai discovery

News & Resources

  • Companies in the news

    Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Company News  Denerco Oil just increased its share of the Nini License 4/95 in the Danish pa

  • Industry at a glance

    Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Industry Stats     International

  • Looking ahead

    Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Looking Ahead  MMS identifies areas for proposed lease sale in GOM. MMS has cla

  • Oil country hot line

    Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  Hot Line  MMS executes Bush’s orders to fill SPR Fulfilling a

  • People in industry

    Mar. 2002 Vol. 223 No. 3  People  Devon Energy completed its acquisition of Mitchell Energy & Development. J.


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