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Special Focus



  • Editorial Comment

    Perry A Fischer, Editor
    European heat wave rekindles natural variability debate
  • Drilling advances

    Robert E. Snyder, Executive Eng. Editor
    Bob Palmer' s continuing legacy; Design challenges for jackup operators; ASTM increases openness in standards
  • International Politics

    Øystein Noreng, Contributing Editor, North Sea
    Norwegian reserves down; North Sea reserves up; Policy challenges
  • What's new in production

    Robert E. Snyder, Executive Eng. Editor
    New tools and technology; Increasing tail production off Norway
  • What's new in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Editor
    New GPS service; New evidence for drifting hotspots; Noteworthy discoveries

News & Resources

  • Industry at a glance

    Vol. 224 No. 9   Despite the fact that Iraqi production has increased more than 300% since April, increasing by 50% in both June and July, it still only constitutes 2.2% of all OPEC production. US oil & NGL production

  • World of Oil

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing/International Editor

    Vol. 224 No. 9  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt' s Opinion Oil prices rise as OPEC holds steady on out


  • Companies in the news

    Vol. 224 No. 9  The Baroid product service line of Halliburton Energy Services has acquired Two-Stage Hammermill cuttings grinder technology to assist operators in meeting stringent environmental regulations in onshore and offshore locations. The

  • New equipment

    Vol. 224 No. 9  Automatic pipe-racking systems Woolslayer introduced the SR250E Automatic Pipe Racking Systems to provide occupational safety benefits in well drilling and servicing operations. Designed for land, fixed platform or

  • New literature

    Vol. 224 No. 9  Specialized rock bits The TSK Division of TIX Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of rock-cutting tools, has reissued their drill bit catalog. Rock bits are the mainstay products of the division, and are available i

  • People in industry

    Vol. 224 No. 9  Felipe Gonzalez was named President of Pegasus International. Mr. Gonzalez previously held the office of VP of Engineering and Operations. Also, Gary Willis was named manager of the Onshore Business Unit. Previously he was

Special Report

  • Drill Bit Classifier

    World Oil' s comprehensive listing of major manufacturers' drill bits. Using the IADC classification system, from soft/ sticky to extremely hard, tables show name, IADC code, size and performance of each firm' s offering



Engineering Data Tables

World Oil's specialized upstream Engineering Data Tables featuring the Drill Bit Classifier, Tubing Tables and more. Get Total Access today.


2013 Fracturing Technology

2013 Fracturing Technology


By Digital Publisher

Drill Bit Classifier World Oil published its renowned Drill Bit Classifier in September 2013. The Drill Bit Classifier is a comprehensive listing of major manufacturers' d...