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  • Editorial Comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Publisher
    Venezuela' s strife could have more dire effects on world oil markets than war with Iraq
  • Drilling advances

    Robert E. Snyder, Executive Eng. Editor
    New Ocean Drilling Program with second rig; drilling halted off California coast
  • International Politics

    Jacques Sapir, Contributing Editor, FSU
    Russian President Vladimir Putin steers a tortuous course between Iraq, oil and economics
  • What's new in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Editor
    The speed of gravity; diamonds in oil; big discoveries; DOE' s 9-component seismic project
  • What's new in production

    Robert E. Snyder, Executive Eng. Editor
    Major climate/ energy study at Stanford; Congress passes security/terrorism bills

News & Resources

  • Industry at a glance

    Vol. 224 No. 1   Those expecting an upturn by the end of 2002, to date have been disappointed. Oil and natural gas prices remain fairly high and basically stable, but no great improvement has been shown by any of the mark

  • World of Oil

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing/International Editor

    Vol. 224 No. 1  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt' s Opinion OPEC output flattens, oil prices climb


  • Companies in the news

    Vol. 224 No. 1  Global Pressure Control, Inc. was formed by six executives from Cudd Pressure Control. The new firm will provide a full scope of services through three divisions: Global Well Control – well control, firefighting and

  • New equipment

    Vol. 224 No. 1  Universal load cell Offering a rugged and economic choice in precision load cell is the low profile, “pancake-style” Model 46. It is suitable for tension or compression applications, and it provides

  • New literature

    Vol. 224 No. 1  Rig skidding brochure Hilman Rollers, Inc. released its latest brochure featuring products such as early well-to-well skidding land rigs and its lift and roll systems on modern offshore jackups. The Rig Ski

  • People in industry

    Vol. 224 No. 1  At IP, Louise Kingham will succeed Jeff Pym as director general. IP is currently negotiating a three-way merger with the Institute of Energy and Institute of Gas Engineers. In this position, she will be chief executive

Special Report

  • 2003 Tubing Tables

    World Oil' s reference guide for production tubing and tubing couplings up to 5-in OD. The reference gives connection dimensions, steel grades, coupling type, sealing mechanism, and minimum joint-tension strength (on website only). Connection manufacture



Engineering Data Tables

World Oil's specialized upstream Engineering Data Tables featuring the Drill Bit Classifier, Tubing Tables and more. Get Total Access today.


2013 Fracturing Technology

2013 Fracturing Technology


By Digital Publisher

Drill Bit Classifier World Oil published its renowned Drill Bit Classifier in September 2013. The Drill Bit Classifier is a comprehensive listing of major manufacturers' d...