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APRIL 2003

Special Focus



  • Editorial Comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Publisher

      Vol. 224 No. 4 THOMAS R. WRIGHT, JR.,  PUBLISHER   Some enviro-facts to remember. Our industry will likely never completely overcome the average citizen’s perception that we are polluters and defilers of the environment. However, following are a

  • Drilling advances

    Robert E. Snyder, Executive Eng. Editor
    First casing drilling from a floater; Report on five-year offshore drilling
  • International Politics

    Øystein Noreng, Contributing Editor, North Sea
    Creating value: Falling activity levels in the Norwegian offshore
  • What's new in production

    Robert E. Snyder, Executive Eng. Editor
    Big PEMEX contract; World oil supply report
  • What's new in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Editor
    A rational compromise for the ANWR mess

News & Resources

  • Industry at a glance

    Vol. 224 No. 4   Still supportd by high oil and gas prices, activity levels are improving in the oil patch. Spurred by increases in Alaskan and Californian production for February, US crude output levels rose from last mo

  • World of Oil

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing/International Editor

    Vol. 224 No. 1  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt' s Opinion Saudi Arabian output climbs, prices remain


  • Companies in the news

    Vol. 224 No. 4  OMV acquired the entire international E&P portfolio of Preussag Energie GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of TUI AG. This acquisition moves OMV closer to its 2008 production goal of 160,000 boe. The purchase price is about E

  • New equipment

    Vol. 224 No. 4  Simulation software Walkinside 3.0 is a 3D, CAD visualization and simulation software that represents large projects, such as offshore platforms, in real-time with full collision detection and gravity simulation. I

  • New literature

    Vol. 224 No. 4  New literature Gas website Scott Specialty Gases offers a 14-page booklet that describes its eTools, available at The products enable specialty-gas users to improve efficiency and r

  • People in industry

    Vol. 224 No. 4  By unanimous vote, the Texas Senate confirmed Taylor County Judge Victor Carrillo as the latest member of the state’s Railroad Commission. Carrillo succeeds former Commissioner Tony Garza, who left last November to beco



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2013 Fracturing Technology

2013 Fracturing Technology


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