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JUNE 2007

Special Focus

  • Examining trajectory effects can improve horizontal well performance

    A. Bond, D. Zhu and R. Kamkom

    As applied to potential development of an Alaskan field, vertical permeability problems can be solved by using an analytical model to design a horizontal well with undulations.

  • Extending the reach of ERD: How far can we go?

    P. Fischer and V.Schmidt

    Several technologies now exist that, when combined, will allow extended reach drilling to achieve astonishing lengths. However, the cost of these technologies—the business case—will be unique for each situation.

  • Onshore ERD wells prove RSS effectiveness for Alaska

    C. Alvord, B. Noel, L. Galiunas, V. Johnson, K. Holtzman, J. Dennis and L. Smith

    A North Slope ERD record of 13,379 ft was set at Alpine field by optimizing point-the-bit RSS with a “matched," extended-gauge drillbit.

  • Slotted liner design for SAGD wells

    J. Xie, S. Jones, C. Matthews, B. Wagg, P. Parker and R. Ducharme

    For steam-assisted gravity drainage wells, staggered slot and gang slot patterns show better performance in FEA models than overlapping slot patterns.

  • Solving centralizer damage in ER horizontal multilaterals

    E. Peterson, E. Davis, M. Greener and D. Craig

    Extensive modeling and yard testing were used to solve the problem of damage sustained after centralizers exited casing windows at West Sak field.



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  • Industry at a glance

    World oil supply in April grew to 85.5 million bpd, while 2007 global demand was revised down slightly to 85.7 million bopd. IEA predicts demand will swell by 1.6 million bopd in the month of June, and the agency has criticized OPEC for failing to boost its production levels amidst this increase in demand and prices. Meanwhile, OPEC reduced the 2007 demand forecast for its oil by 120,000 bpd, to 30.28 million bpd. Regarding world oil prices, Brent Blend maintains an unusual premium to West Texas Intermediate. In April, WTI fell $3.60 below Brent. The last time a discrepancy of this magnitude occurred was in May 2002, when WTI fell about $2.30 below Brent. One cause is that several WTI refineries have been down, creating an all-time high crude oil inventory in Cushing, OK, the hub of WTI. Additionally, Canadian crude oil continues to increase in the Midwest, competing with WTI and driving down its price.

    World oil supply in April grew to 85.5 million bpd, while 2007 global demand was revised down slightly to 85.7 million bopd.

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    Vol. 228 No. 6   Meeting & events JUNE GO-EXPO , Gas & Oil Exposition, Biennial Calgary Oil & Gas Show,

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    Personnel changes and promotions in the petroleum industry.

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    Kurt S. Abraham


    Pertamina seeks partners

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