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APRIL 2014

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Port Fourchon

  • Baker Hughes introduces next-generation stimulation vessel

    As the growing fleet of oversized deepwater support vessels grabs most of the ink of late, Baker Hughes has expanded its Gulf of Mexico presence with the introduction of the 255-ft new-generation StimFORCE stimulation vessel.

  • Creating the foremost deepwater service hub

    As we begin the second quarter of 2014, the forecast for the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is extraordinary, with all the barometers pointing to a healthy period of sustained growth in drilling and production activity.

  • Danos builds to meet expanding staff, portfolio

    Privately held Danos of Larose, La., is in full-fledged construction mode after completing what it described as “an incredible year.”

  • DRILCO dockside facility readies for incoming rigs

    The DRILCO storage yard, at its dockside tubular support facility in Port Fourchon’s C-Port II, speaks volumes on the impending level of business with the new rigs entering the Gulf of Mexico.

  • First class set to arrive at new Fletcher IPT school

    The oil and gas industry, especially offshore, will increasingly experience a serious gap of skilled technicians, as large numbers of older and more experienced employees reach retirement age.

  • Harvey Gulf building LNG fueling station in Port Fourchon

    Harvey Gulf International Marine is constructing a $25-million liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling facility in Port Fourchon to serve, what it says, is the growth of LNG as a marine fuel. No completion date for the LNG bunkering facility has been provided.

  • K&B turns 40 with “more accurate” name, new home

    The family-owned premium threader, once known as K&B Machine of Houma, La., is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, with a soon-to-be new home and a corporate identity that “more accurately reflects our range of services.”

  • Montco expands its decommissioning-dedicated lift boat fleet

    Government-mandated decommissioning of non-producing platforms may represent dead weight on an operator’s books, but it means big business for companies with the technologies capable of removing structures and disabling wells on the outermost end of the production cycle.

  • OCS royalties are latest prospect for LA-1 funding

    The concerted 17-year effort to acquire financing, and complete the elevated replacement of the critical, but often-impassable, Louisiana Highway 1 corridor in Lafourche Parish, has set its sights on offshore production funds.

  • Outdated lease terms, production rule top GEST hit list

    With Gulf of Mexico operators forced to jump through increasingly onerous regulations, just to get a permit to drill wells that likewise have become more complex and time-intensive, the current federal leasing model is totally out of sync with the new-world realities.


  • Port Fourchon is place to be, as deepwater demand soars

    Activity continues to build back and expand in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and service/supply providers are boosting operations to satisfy the market.

  • Safer, more resilient port is aim of award-winning system

    When your docks play a key role in delivering more than 18% of the nation’s energy requirements, maintaining the utmost security and keeping track of increasingly congested waterways are paramount.

  • Supreme debuts low-radioactive sub

    Supreme Service & Specialty Co. of Houma, La., has introduced a natural gamma (N/G) sub that, it says, is a viable and more cost-effective option to tightly regulated radioactive-tagged (R/A) subs.

  • Weatherford takes the hands out of pipe handling

    Anyone with an affinity for the old-generation, joystick-controlled video games would feel right at home at Weatherford’s fully automated tubular bucking facility in Port Fourchon, which is designed to handle everything from 28-in. casing to 41/2-in. production tubing with minimal personnel.



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