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Modern Sandface Completion Practices Handbook, 2nd Edition

The second edition of this highly acclaimed contains new technologies and techniques used to complete unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs. It covers the latest sand control methods, numerous sand management techniques and totally new information on zone isolation, smart well technology and more.

Coiled Tubing Handbook, Fourth Edition

This 136-page handbook is the definitive reference guide for information on coiled tubing operations and services. This updated edition will provide readers with knowledge and fundamentals of coiled tubing technology, along with information on the latest developments and applications. Topics include evolution of coiled tubing equipment, workover safety, new guidelines, tube technology and capabilities, predicting friction pressure losses, sands and solids cleanouts, unloading wells with lighter fluids, logging with coiled tubing, cement squeezes, underreaming, fishing, velocity strings, stimulation and sand control.



Engineering Data Tables

World Oil's specialized upstream Engineering Data Tables featuring the Drill Bit Classifier, Tubing Tables and more. Get Total Access today.


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Drill Bit Classifier World Oil published its renowned Drill Bit Classifier in September 2013. The Drill Bit Classifier is a comprehensive listing of major manufacturers' d...