Conference News ///

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Smart sensors, new platforms safeguard rotating machinery

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Marshalling field instruments the digital way

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Powering an offshore platform on the sea bed

3/7/2017 Spreewind's Offshoredays to be held in Heiligendamm, Germany

2/3/2017 GE O&G '17: Oil and gas execs tout need for digitization, data analytics

2/3/2017 GE O&G '17: BP chief says digitization is future of O&G industry

11/16/2016 Next generation keen to step up as IPTC came to a close in Bangkok

11/2/2016 Attendees examine the future for energy professionals at Day Two of WGLC

11/1/2016 Keynote speakers address strategies for career success during WGLC's opening day

10/28/2016 Hebron mega-project on track for first oil offshore Newfoundland in 2017

10/24/2016 Emerson targets $1 trillion in industry losses with Operational Certainty program

10/20/2016 Bahrain to highlight cross-border collaboration at ADIPEC

10/10/2016 Mexican officials reiterate commitment to making regulatory opening work

9/12/2016 HPHT 2016: Dual barrier HPHT riser system

8/31/2016 Oil company execs offer strategies for preserving investment in the North Sea

8/31/2016 Industry experts detail demand growth, investment trends at ONS

8/31/2016 ONS 2016: Oceaneering showcases eNovus ROV

8/31/2016 ONS 2016: Mirmorax launches desktop oil-in-water analyzer

8/31/2016 ONS 2016: Keeping strategy on the agenda

8/31/2016 ONS 2016: Hoover Ferguson Group provides global reach with local service

8/31/2016 ONS 2016: Safely pursuing continued service for aging assets

8/30/2016 ONS 2016: Execs spell out plans to sustain E&P work offshore the UK, Norway and Egypt

8/30/2016 ONS 2016: Statoil tells ONS crowd that it continues to plan for exploitation of Barents Sea

8/30/2016 ONS 2016: Equipped for the new frontier challenges?

8/30/2016 ONS 2016: It’s time for the North Sea to act on standardization

8/30/2016 ONS 2016: A laboratory for innovation, primed for digital transformation

8/29/2016 Upstream execs present differing angles, priorities at ONS afternoon session

8/29/2016 ONS gets underway with high-profile speakers, but attention focuses on Petrobras head

8/29/2016 ONS 2016: Cubility improves transportation of drilling waste with CubeLink

8/29/2016 ONS 2016: Successful use of new version CircSub offers improved performance in Norway

8/29/2016 ONS 2016: International research of the E&P Sound & Marine Life JIP