Conference News ///

7/25/2017 URTeC speakers discuss variety of issues in first-day session

7/19/2017 2016 SPE President Nathan Meehan to keynote ShaleTech Permian conference

7/19/2017 LAGCOE 2017 announces topics of keynote presentations

6/28/2017 IEA's second Global Conference on Energy Efficiency to be held in Paris

6/21/2017 Newfoundland's Noia 2017 oil & gas conference officially underway

6/19/2017 Houston to host inaugural EIC Connect Oil & Gas USA conference and exhibition

6/19/2017 Noia 2017 oil & gas conference begins in St. John's

6/12/2017 Efficiency and innovation key themes at oil & gas industry conference

6/12/2017 Global Petroleum Show 2017 kicks off in Calgary

5/24/2017 Noia announces 2017 oil & gas conference morning keynote speakers

5/8/2017 AOGC 2017 kicks off in Kuala Lumpur, as oil and gas industry embraces new reality

5/4/2017 Kongsberg introduces new digital platform at OTC 2017

4/20/2017 ONS reveals theme for next year's event, ONS 2018: INNOVATE

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: Women 'say yes' to opportunity in STEM

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: Under the hood of xStream, ABB’s process control engineering methodology

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: Standards, tools and clouds: speeding up engineering workflows

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: ABB unveils new line of level transmitters

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: A quantum leap in leak detection

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: Automation efficiency and the future of operational excellence

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: How R&D keeps pace with technological advances in oil and gas

3/15/2017 ABB Customer World: How digitalization is elevating chemical, oil and gas industry processes

3/14/2017 ABB Customer World: Preparing for the digital revolution

3/14/2017 ABB Customer World: How many ways can you use laser level detection?

3/14/2017 ABB Customer World: AssetInsight drives smarter maintenance

3/14/2017 ABB Customer World: Eliminating I/O surprises with flexible single-channel system

3/14/2017 ABB Customer World: ABB unveils digital solutions portfolio, ABB Ability™

3/14/2017 ABB Customer World: Intelligent projects model is the future of oil and gas project execution

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Catch a glimpse of the future at the Innovation Lab

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Virtualization boosts process control at NOVA Chemicals

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Simulating power for better control

3/13/2017 ABB Customer World: Smart sensors, new platforms safeguard rotating machinery