ONS 2016: Oceaneering showcases eNovus ROV


Oceaneering is showcasing its newly advanced and environmentally friendly ROV, the eNovus, at ONS 2016. The eNovus will serve as the basis for a future hybrid between AUVs and ROVs. With Remote Piloting and Automated Control Technology, the eNovus enhances user interface and reliability to perform common and complex subsea tasks.

The vehicle has a modular, non-corrosive chassis allowing for ease of tooling integration and is designed to withstand extended periods of time subsea with little to no maintenance required. Powered by a 172kVA fully electric propulsion system, the eNovus offers all electric tooling options via an electric tooling control unit, manipulator tool changer, and all electric tooling suite.

With Supervisory Control, the eNovus supplements and enhances pilot skills by using Vision Control Software to function the ROV’s manipulators and thrusters. This electro-hydraulic tooling flexibility greatly benefits customers by maximizing and transforming available power, efficiency and configurability of this vehicle.

Oceaneering will also exhibit a compact and cost-effective second-generation M5 mono-bore connector for subsea intervention, such as gas lift; chemical injection; well stimulation; hydrate remediation; flooding and venting operations; acid injection; and scale squeeze. This ROV flyable connector features the robust Grayloc metal-to-metal seal and provides reliable sealing after more than 25 make-and-break cycles.

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