The transition starts at ONS 2016

By Ingvild Meland, Program Director, ONS Foundation on 8/22/2016

The ONS Conference is a world-leading oil, gas and energy forum, which gives delegates a sneak peek into the future of the energy world. At ONS 2016, we will lay the foundation for a successful transition to the new market situation—through debates, discussions and insights from prominent speakers.

The conference facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration across the global energy industry. Here decision makers are present when important issues are discussed. ONS is growing and evolving. This is reflected in this year’s conference program, which is more extensive than ever—with over 400 speakers, on seven different conference arenas. The main theme of ONS 2016 is Transition. A lot has happened in the energy business over the past two years. Now it is time for the industry to come together to take action and discover new business opportunities at ONS 2016!

The conference program for ONS 2016 is more extensive than ever—with over 400 speakers, on seven different conference arenas. Image: ONS/Kilian Munch.

The three conference pillars

Transition will be addressed based on three pillars at the conference. First, transition to the new market reality will be discussed. Adjusting to a situation with lower profit margins is an important part of the transition. We need to develop advanced technology and produce challenging petroleum resources at lower cost. Cost pressure will in turn affect the level of innovation—how can the industry reduce cost without inhibiting technology development?

Secondly, the conference will focus on the transition to a more sustainable world. How can the industry provide enough energy to the world and at the same time reduce emissions? Speakers will debate the development of a holistic energy future where oil and gas is produced with as low of an environmental footprint as possible—and at the same time develop renewable energy sources to a commercially acceptable price.

The last pillar is leadership—to succeed with changes and the transformation process, excellent leadership is necessary and crucial. The conference will showcase examples of leaders that have lead, or are leading, businesses through tough times—their success factors and learning to others.

Hear top executives speak at ONS

The conference attracts key industry players, as well as ministers and officials from oil and gas producing countries, to discuss the situation in the industry and the future of the energy world. The afternoon sessions have this year been expanded from two to three, giving you more presentations and topics to choose from. Prominent speakers at the conference include President and CEO of Statoil, Eldar Sætre, CEO of Royal Dutch Schell, Ben van Beurden, Chairman and CEO of ConocoPhillips, Ryan Lance and Senior Vice President Upstream, Saudi Aramco, Mohammed Al-Qahtani.

More focus on clean energy and renewables

The energy future will be heavily debated on the third day of the conference. ONS aims to have a holistic view of energy, through promoting the entire mix of energy sources, and by facilitating collaboration and exchange of competence and resources between the different energy sectors. Sustainable energy solutions and renewables will be hot topics in the plenary session Energy Future – keep your eyes on the ball and the parallel session Energy Game Changers. Prominent speakers include President and CEO of Statkraft, Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, and Head of EMEA, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Seb Henbest. Senior Vice President of Business & Operations, New Energies division, Total S.A., Bernard Clement will address the beauty of solar energy.

Technical Sessions pinpoints business opportunities

At ONS 2016, we are presenting the new conference feature Technical Sessions. 20 sessions will give you an unprecedented insight into the technological challenges facing the industry—and the possible solutions for them. Attendees at these sessions will learn about the challenges, how far the industry has come in solving them, thus enabling them to see if and where their own product or idea fits in. The sessions will address important issues, such as Barents Sea drilling solutions, decommissioning and technological quantum leaps.

New business opportunities in offshore wind

ONS Renewable Markets in cooperation with INTPOW and Greater Stavanger, is a new conference feature focusing on business opportunities in the offshore wind market. While the offshore oil and gas community is experiencing excess capacity, the excess resources from the offshore and maritime industries can successfully be deployed to further reduce cost and improve efficiencies in the offshore wind industry. Speakers will discuss the status and growth of the offshore wind industry, and highlight the opportunities for offshore and maritime suppliers, both in developing and construction and in the operations and maintenance phases of offshore wind projects. CEO of WindEurope, Giles Dickson, is one of the speakers at Renewable Markets.

Thank you for joining the high-level discussions at The ONS Conference—together we will shape the future of the energy world!

See the conference program here.

It is still possible to buy conference passes.

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