WannaCry attack brings cybersecurity to front, center for upstream oil industry

The upstream oil and gas industry should take notice of the WannaCry ransomware attack that hit companies across the globe last week, holding valuable proprietary data hostage unless the organizations agreed to pay off the hackers in Bitcoin, for safe return of the information.

Exxon Mobil’s Halsey: Oil patch’s digital transformation will be comparable to horizontal drilling’s tech revolution

The oil field’s digital transformation is bringing sweeping change to the upstream industry, from using data analysis to help companies find the oil, to the possibility of operating equipment autonomously. These technological inventions will bring significant structural changes—similar to how those wrought by the advent of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing changed the industry, reducing the cost of production in North America drastically.

Shell uses real-time data for early detection of underreamer failure in deepwater Gulf of Mexico

It’s no secret to the offshore drilling community that expandable underreamers are tremendously important tools in deepwater drilling, but underreamer failure is also a major contributor to increased costs and nonproductive time during drilling operations.

Data analytics can transform planned maintenance into predictive scheduling

One of the worst culprits that causes unplanned downtime on today’s drilling rigs is unplanned maintenance, to repair or replace equipment that has failed.

Big data analytics burst onto upstream industry as next frontier

The upstream oil and gas industry has, historically, lagged behind other heavy industries, when it comes to the speed at which companies adopt new technologies.