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Award Methodology

Gulf Publishing Company considers the judging of the World Oil Awards to be a serious matter. In the interests of transparency the methodology is detailed below:

  1. The World Oil Awards ‘call for nominations’ is published as an advertisement for three months.  Email alerts are also sent to subscribers.  The nomination deadline is around the middle of July, the exact date depends on how the calendar year falls.
  2. The award nominations received are sorted into award categories.  A staff member passes the sorted category nominations to the World Oil judging team of Ron Higgins (Publisher), Pramod Kulkarni (Editor-in-Chief) and Kurt Abraham (Executive Editor).
  3. The World Oil judging team, independently of each other, reviews each of the submissions and decides:
    1. If it meets the criteria of the category
    2. Is a technology/product or initiative which is new in the last twelve months
    3. How worthy it is of being a finalist
  4. The World Oil judging team grades each submission on a scale from 1 to 10 (with ten being the most suitable for the finalist list).
    While the World Oil judging team is making the finalist selections, an email is sent out to the advisory board asking them to select which category(ies) they are able to judge.  (Board members are not eligible to judge a category in which their employer is a finalist.)
  5. The World Oil judging team provides their selections back to the Events Director and the top rated 5% of nominations are awards finalists. The finalists in each category are sent to the Advisory board for consideration. (The Advisory board is comprised of industry experts from the field and academia. A staff member sends a packet of the finalist selections to each advisory board member for each category they have been selected to judge.
  6. With attention to confidentiality, the awards submissions are returned from the advisory board with a rating from 1 to 10, and a staff member sorts the information, notes the winners and prepares the information for the gala dinner and supplement. 


Pradeep Anand
Seeta Resources

Brian Morr
Technosphere Inc.

Ron Bitto
Bitto Marketing Consultants LLC

Dr. William Pike
Managing Consultant
Leonardo Technologies Inc. - National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Ali Daneshy
Daneshy Consulting International

Bob Schwartz
RHS Consulting LLC

Deepak Gala
SME-Well Control Engineering & Relief Well Planning
Shell Upstream Americas

Earl Shanks
OIE Chief Technologist
Oceaneering International, Inc.

Helge Hove Haldorsen
Vice President