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2013 World Oil Awards Finalists

Best Completion Technology
IWC: Wall-Mounted Telemetry with Thru-Bore Access - IWC
KickStart pressure-activated rupture disc valve - Schlumberger
MazeFlo Self Mitigating Screen - Weatherford
Multistage Cemented Fracturing Sleeve Technology - Baker Hughes Incorporated
RapidStart Initiator CT Sleeve System - Halliburton
Best Data Management & Application Solution
CygNet Measurement System - Weatherford
Dataplug - OTS International Inc.
OpenWells® Mobile - Halliburton Landmark Software Services
ShaleXpert Advanced Shale Asset Workflow Software - Halliburton
Studio E&P knowledge environment - Schlumberger
WellLinkVision mobile app - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Best Deepwater Technology
Baker Hughes HT-175 Series High-Temperature Drilling Services - Baker Hughes Incorporated
CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system - Schlumberger
Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ) System - Halliburton
Keystone Upper Completion System - Weatherford
Meta Liner Tieback - Meta
Riser Fatigue Monitoring System (RFMS) - Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Best Drilling & Completions Fluids
Baker Hughes MPRESS™ Emulsion Fluid System for Optimized Circulating Pressure - Baker Hughes Incorporated
RHADIANT ultra-high temperature non-aqueous drilling fluid system - M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company
SMART 3D displacement service - M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company
TergoVis I Efficiency Fluid - Halliburton
Best Drilling Technology
CounterForce PDC Bit Technology - Ulterra
Baker Hughes Duraset™ System - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Frequency Adjustable Pulsed Jet Generating Drilling Tool - China National Petroleum Corporation
Joint Integrated Machine, "JiM 20" Advanced Hydraulic Roughneck - Cameron
Nabors PACE® - X Drilling Rig - Nabors Drilling USA LP
NOV Multiple Opening Circulation Sub (MOCS) - National Oilwell Varco
PowerDrive Archer 475 high build rate rotary steerable system - Schlumberger
Stinger conical diamond element - Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company
Vac-Screen System™ - FP USA LLC
Best Exploration Technology
GWD90 (Gyro While Drilling 90)  - Gyrodata Inc.
IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology - WesternGeco
Permedia Software Suite - Halliburton
PetroFecta® - Fluid Inclusion Technologies
Saturn 3D radial probe - Schlumberger
Best Health, Safety, Environment / Sustainable Development - Offshore
KelaStim Chelant-Based Stimulation Service - Halliburton
Well Track - Sodexo
Best Health, Safety, Environment / Sustainable Development - Onshore
AQUA-VES Mobile Water Treatment System - National Oilwell Varco
Baker Hughes Bifuel Hydraulic Fracturing Service - Baker Hughes Incorporated
CleanSpacer III Spacer Fluid - Halliburton
High-Pressure Vibrating Tube (HPVT) Density Sensor - Halliburton
Performance Based HSE Management System - Willbros
Wellhead Connection Unit - Halliburton
Best Outreach Program
Baker Hughes / University of Oklahoma 21st Century Co-op Program - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Baker Hughes Endeavor Professional Development Organization - Baker Hughes Incorporated
The Kinkaid School: Engineering Math and Science Institute Partnership - Weatherford
Best Production Chemicals
PRESERVAN®: A Unique Multi-Functional Solution for Environmentally Acceptable Hydrotesting - Clariant Oil Services
RockOn Surfactants - Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service
Best Production Technology
Baker Hughes TeleVac Technology - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Centrilift FLEX 3.2 Esp Pump Stage - Baker Hughes Incorporated
EZ-Stim Fracturing Service - Halliburton
INTERSECT next-generation reservoir simulator - Schlumberger
Wireless Reservoir Surveillance - RESMAN
RodPROP high-aspect-ratio proppant - Schlumberger
Best Visualization and Collaboration
DrillScene™ - Sekal
Halliburton's Pump-Down Visualization Service - Can Improve Completion Efficencies while Reducing Risks - Halliburton
iDASTM intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor - Silixa Ltd.
InQuest PayZonePro, an Integrated Sand Control Analytical Modeling - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Petrel E&P software platform - Schlumberger
WellBoreDezign - Interactive Well Modeling - Kuwait Oil Company
Best Well Intervention
CLEARMAX Selective Rotation and Circulation Tool & ISO-MAX Security Packer - Weatherford
CoilScan real-time coiled tubing pipe inspection system - Schlumberger
Enhanced QuickRig® - Boots & Coots, a Halliburton Service
Fishing Agitator System - National Oilwell Varco
HawkEye V - Expro
Longbow Casing Exit Milling System - Baker Hughes Incorporated
ZEiTECS Shuttle Technology - ZEiTECS Inc.
Innovative Thinkers
Dr. Eng. Mohammed Darsi Abdulrahman Nedham - PEPA-Petroleum and Production Authority
Jan Kristian Vasshus - Cubility
Syham Bentouati - Petroleum Development Oman
Lifetime Achievement
John Misselbrook - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Leonid Anisimov - LUKOIL-Engineering
Professor Hoi Yeung - Cranfield University
New Horizons Idea
AERO (Activated Environment for Recovery of Oil) System - Glori Energy
Disappearing Ball Seat System - Baker Hughes Incorporated
Dynamic Frameworks to Fill™ - Landmark Software and Services
NeoScope sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling - Schlumberger
TerraForm Cup-Seal Isolation Packer - Weatherford
Turbine-Powered Fracturing Pump Technology - Green Field Energy Services
Use of Microwave with Assisted Ceramic Proppant for Heavy Oil Recovery and In-Site Stearn Generaton - Saudi Aramco


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