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World Oil Magazine Production Specifications


a. Ad Page Dimensions: Magazine Final Trim 8.125 in. x 10.875 in. (210 mm x 280 mm)




Fraction ads with bleeds are available; please contact our Advertising Production Department at +1 (713) 525-4633 for dimensions.
NOTE: Ads scaled to other publications will be centered in space nearest to size and proportion.



b. Standard Page: Standard type and advertising page size is 7 in. x 10 in. (180 mm x 255 mm).

c. Standard Column Set: Standard page is three columns, 2.25 in. (55 mm) each. Depth of column is 10 in. (255 mm). All type on bleed pages to be .25 in. (5 mm) inside the final trim size, all four sides.

d. Trim Size: Overall trim size is 8.125 in. x 10.875 in. (210 mm x 280 mm).

e. General Requirements:

Printing Process: Web offset full run; Computer-to-plate (CTP)
Binding Method: Perfect (jog to head)
Colors Available: Four-color process; matched colors
Color Rotation: Yellow, magenta, cyan, black
Recommended Line Screen: 133 lines maximum
Density of Tone: Two-color tones should not exceed SWOP density of 140%; second color not to exceed 70%. Four-color solids should not
exceed SWOP density of 260%.

f. Acceptable Digital Files: Preferred files are Adobe Acrobat PDFs (Press Optimized, 300 dpi, binary CMYK, all fonts embedded) or Flattened CMYK, TIFF files, 300 dpi at actual size. Other file types accepted are Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Files should be submitted in CMYK format at 300 dpi with all supporting graphic elements in CMYK format and all fonts used. Please do not submit files created in word processing programs, MS PowerPoint, CorelDraw, MS Publisher, etc. Production charges will be incurred if files do not meet  these acceptable digital file guidelines.

(1) Proofs: Proof required on four-color ads. For one-color and twocolor ads, laser proofs are acceptable with clearly marked color breaks.
(2) Electronic File Submissions:

1. From your Internet browser, go to
2. Once you get to the ftp site, a prompt will appear.
NOTE: If the prompt does not appear, then go to the File menu and select Login As.

3. At the prompt, enter the following user name and password:

a. User Name: anonymous
b. Password: (insert your email address)

4. Scroll down through the Incoming folder to the WO folder for World Oil.

5. Drag and drop your files in the Advertising folder.

6. Email once the file is uploaded with the name of the file.

g. Other Acceptable (But Billable) Materials: Contact Publisher.

h. Inserts: Contact Publisher for quantity, specifications and trim size.

i. Shipping Instructions: Send space orders, insertion orders, correspondence and print materials to: Advertising Production, World Oil, 2 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1020, Houston, TX 77046 USA. For preprinted inserts, contact the Publisher for shipping instructions.



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