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Tesco shows off new top and casing drives at OTC

BY JOHN BETZ, Associate Editor

HOUSTON – In an OTC press conference, Houston-based Tesco Corporation unveiled two new products, which offer different options over the company’s already existing line of top drives and casing drives.

Tesco’s new top drive, the HXI 150t, is more powerful than previous models, boasting a pull down capacity of 25,000 lbs. The extra torque and weight capacity were added with horizontal drilling in mind.

The HCCDS, Tesco’s newest casing drive, is a lighter weight, more compact version of previous models and can be deployed on smaller rigs than before. Tesco CEO, Julio Quintana, said that the spread of casing drives across the industry, to more and more rigs, is important in making the rig a safer place by eliminating the need to have personnel on the rig floor or touching drill pipe.

During the conference, Quintana and other executives expressed interest in automating more aspects of rig activity and also in increasing their offshore market share, which is smaller than their onshore business, at this time.

Tesco is best known for effectively inventing the more mobile, portable top drive in the early 1990s, bringing top drives onshore, to walking rigs, where previously they were too heavy and unwieldy to include.


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