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Mark Zuckerberg funds pro-oil ad group

BY JOHN BETZ, Associate Editor

MENLO PARK, California -- Known for his close ties with President Obama and the green Silicon Valley business community, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is promoting something that most would think of as anathema to the young millionaire’s image—America’s oil and gas industry.

Zuckerberg’s is a fundraising group/think-tank supported by a cadre of big-name technology leaders, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. The group’s foremost objective is convincing U.S. lawmakers to pass comprehensive immigration reform. But curiously, an offshoot group, Americans for a Conservative Direction, which receives funding from Zuckerberg’s parent committee, has run ads advocating drilling in ANWR and even voicing support for the Keystone pipeline (a cause that has seemingly nothing to do with immigration).

In speaking with Washington Post owned news outlet Politico, representatives from FWD said that they intend to dangle the carrot of friendly ad blitzes, to convince Republican lawmakers to cooperate with them on immigration reform. The latest ad of this type was run in support of North Carolina senator, Lindsay Graham, and in it Graham demanded that President Obama pursue the “all the above” energy policy mentioned in January 2012’s State of the Union speech.




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