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Geogrid technology helps build stable roads to rural oil fields

Tensar International has invented and pioneered the original biaxial form of geogrid – until now the only geogrid designed for paved and unpaved applications offered by Tensar.

Through advancements in technology, continual development and innovation, Tensar International is moving the grid form in a bold new direction, developing a more efficient product that achieves even greater, long-term performance benefits and life cycle cost savings in these applications.

The technology is used in a variety of road construction projects and recently has been used to help build stable roadways in rural communities with oil and gas activity.

New sites are often opening in more and more remote areas – inside and outside of the traditional oil and gas states, in protected areas or in the midst of prime farmland. Gaining access to a site can be a challenging part of any oil or gas project. These areas where access roads, laydown yards and drilling pads are often constructed contain poor soils, weak subgrades and are frequently subjected to poor weather conditions.

Considering the extremely heavy loads that these areas are expected to carry, traditional solutions can be costly and time consuming. Left untreated, a weak subgrade subjected to continuous heavy traffic loads will quickly degrade, causing the surface to rut, pothole, “washboard” and ultimately deteriorate beyond use. Fortunately, tried and true technology exists for building more reliable and economical access roads and mud-free drilling sites.

Tensar TriAx Geogrids provide a simple solution for stabilizing construction platforms and reducing subgrade stress. TriAx Geogrids greatly enhance constructability to significantly improve site access while reducing up-front costs and future maintenance.



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