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W&T Offshore makes subsalt discovery at Ship Shoal 349

HOUSTON -- W&T Offshore has announced today a subsalt discovery in a deep shelf exploratory target beneath its Ship Shoal 349 Mahogany field. 

The SS 359 A-14 well is producing from the targeted T-Sand (in excess of 17,200 ft total vertical depth), at an initial flow back rate of 3,030 bopd and 5.6 MMcfd, for a total of approximately 4,000 Boed with a flowing tubing pressure of approximately 9,400 psi surface pressure.

The T-Sand is the deepest sand discovered in this field, as there is additional pay identified in the M-Sand, N-Sand, and O-Sand, all of which represent future reserve additions.  The well also penetrated a thicker than expected P-sand interval (the main field pay sand), which will also serve as a future recompletion.

In total, the A-14 well logged over 370 ft of net oil pay, with the T-Sand accounting for 108 ft of the total net pay.  Success from the A-14 T-sand will stimulate additional drilling in 2014 to exploit the four newly discovered oil sands that were encountered in the A-14 well.  W&T holds a 100% working interest in the field.

Tracy Krohn, W&T Offshore' s Chairman and CEO, stated, "Our exploration team utilized our subsalt imaging technology to identify and deliver this subsalt discovery which is a deep shelf exploration extension to our producing Mahogany Field."T




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