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URTeC 2014: Baker Hughes introduces Navi-Drill motors for high-performance shale drilling

DENVER -- Baker Hughes has announced the commercial release of two new motors designed for drilling unconventional reservoirs. The 7-in. Navi-Drill Ultra XL45 offers high power and torque to reliably drill long sections through hard formations, and the 5-in. Navi-Drill X-treme eXtend motor provides higher power output and increased reliability drilling slimhole horizontal sections.

The 7-in. Ultra XL45 motor features one of the longest power section in the industry, enabling it to drill long vertical sections with little need to correct for deviations, and its high torque capability also minimizes stick/slip to increase performance and bit life. The motor uses a high-performance elastomer that provides additional power output to help achieve higher rates of penetration and reduce drilling costs.

The 5-in. X-treme eXtend motor easily drills slimhole sections that often present a challenge for conventional motor technologies. The unique design of the X-treme eXtend motor’s power section provides up to 100% greater torque than typical conventional motor offerings. The additional power enables operators to drill using more demanding, high-endurance PDC bits through long, hard and abrasive horizontal sections such as those in the Williston basin.

Earlier this year, Baker Hughes announced the launch of its 6¾-in. Navi-Drill Ultra Curve drilling motor, which drills high build-rate curves with precise directional control such as those found in the Barnett, Williston, Marcellus, and Woodford/Anadarko shale plays. The Ultra Curve motor also has the ability to drill vertical, curve, and horizontal sections in one run.



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