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TEAM Oil Tools introduces new frac sleeve for horizontal completions

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- TEAM Oil Tools, Inc. announced today that it has developed the ORIO XL, a ball activated frac sleeve utilized in multi-stage completions.

Designed for 5.5-in. production casing, this technology gives operators the ability to frac extended reach, horizontal wells in a more efficient manner, by stimulating a single cluster at a time versus multiple, ensuring that proppant is getting into every cluster and increasing the possibility of greater production.

“Traditionally, the number of frac sleeves that could be run was limited due to the inherent design of the tool,” said Steve Chauffe, director of new technology, TEAM Oil Tools. “In most cases, the maximum number of frac sleeves that could be run in a well-bore was between 30 and 50. The ORIO XL allows for an almost infinite number of sleeves that can be run and opened individually due to the unique design of the tool. For example, 90 sleeves can be run and opened individually with dissolvable balls ranging from 4.0 in. to 4.5 in.”

The ORIO XL benefits operators by allowing the completion of laterals in excess of 10,000 ft. TEAM Oil Tools will begin taking orders for the ORIO XL beginning in the fourth quarter of 2013.



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