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Spectraseis to install new induced seismicity monitoring array in British Columbia, Canada

HOUSTON -- Spectraseis, the technology leader in microseismic fracture imaging, stimulation evaluation and seismic monitoring, has been awarded a new contract for the installation and data processing of a broadband seismic monitoring system in British Columbia. 
The system, which will consistent of high sensitivity broadband seismometers installed both at the surface and downhole and Spectraseis' ISV-Pro(TM) web-enabled software, will deliver real-time data on local seismicity to a major oil & gas producer with salt water injection operations in British Columbia.
This information will allow the operator to more precisely monitor and control seismicity - such as small magnitude Earth tremors - in conjunction with their field activities.
By monitoring seismic activity around wellsites, the producer will build a better understanding of local seismicity and any association with their operations. This will allow the company to evaluate whether seismic events are related to their areas of operation and take proactive steps to ensure safe operations.
The ISV-Pro web interface provides easy and secure customer access to processed data and status of stations in the array. A comprehensive data management solution provides secure seismic data archiving and remote data access, as well as hard copy delivery service in a wide range of data formats to fit various viewing and processing applications.
Spectraseis already operates several such arrays for oil & gas producers in the U.S.






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