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San Leon Energy' s fracture test in Polish shale well reveals 25 mD permeasbility

WARSAW -- San Leon Energy has completed two additional Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT) in the Carboniferous tight gas sand in Siciny-2 well. The DFITs were pumped in the upper section of the tight gas sand, and were designed to assess formation pressure, fracture gradient and permeability of the sand, and therefore, the viability of future hydraulic fracturing and test production.
The first DFIT was pumped in May in the deepest part of the tight gas sand.  This test indicated a very tight formation. In early August, a second DFIT was pumped in the shallowest part of the tight gas sand.  This test was very small in volume, and pressure bled off very quickly, indicating a fractured reservoir. A third DFIT was then performed, pumped with a larger volume in the same perforations as the second DFIT. The results of the third DFIT appear to confirm the fractured nature of the reservoir, and indicate effective permeability of 25 microDarcies (mD), frackable rock, and a slight overpressure. These results are in line with other tight gas sand resources around the world.
San Leon Energy will evaluate the results in cooperation with Halliburton and APEX in Denver, and commence designing a hydraulic fracturing treatment for the well.
Oisin Fanning, Chairman of San Leon, commented: "We are delighted with the results of this DFIT, indicating an effective formation permeability in excess of 1000 times that of the first DFIT. The reservoir properties of the Carboniferous tight gas sand appear to be in line with highly attractive tight gas sand plays in the U.S."


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