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Reservoir Management Services introduces world' s first real-time fluid level monitor

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Reservoir Management Services, a developer of oil and gas well optimization technology, has introduced the world' s first surface-mounted fluid level monitor that can maximize well productivity and protect pump equipment in real time.

The company' s RMS MaxPro-5000 monitor includes a patented system that works by sending a small volume of compressed well gas as a pressure wave down the well.  The pressure wave is reflected from the fluid surface and, by precisely measuring the round-trip time and the speed-of-sound in the well, the system can accurately determine fluid depth to more than 10,000 ft, plus or minus 2 ft.

An internal compressor and on-board computer allow the measurements to be repeated continuously and without assistance. The monitor also features Double Pulse Echo Reflectometry (D-PER), which eliminates much of the noise associated with gas bubbles and gas flow.

As a standard feature, the product provides a 4-20mA output to integrate with all common variable frequency drive (VFD) and SCADA systems. When used with a VFD, the system allows for automated or remote adjustment of pump motor speed. The remote control feature allows access to real-time fluid level from any computer or mobile device via Web access.

The RMS MaxPro-5000 is Class I Div. 2 certified, 3R rated and self-contained, and is intended to be compatible with a variety of artificial lift solutions.



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