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Innovative Cement Spacer System for Effective Zonal Isolation in Lost Circulation Zones

Cementing is a critical operation for the construction of onshore and offshore wells. This study describes the origins, laboratory testing, case histories, and final conclusions of an innovative spacer system for effective zonal isolation in lost circulation zones, highly permeable zones, and shallow water flow potential zones. The Ultra Spacer® technology, with a proprietary blend of functionalized polymers and bridging agents, can be used as cement spacer to effectively remove drilling mud and form a non-damaging membrane, reducing fluid/filtrate invasion and increasing effective zonal isolation in depleted production zones, lost circulation zones, washout zones and zones with narrow ECD margins. With over a thousand case histories, the Ultra Spacer® technology has proven itself a safe and effective cement spacer system for the most complicated cementing jobs faced by the oil and gas industry.

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2013 Fracturing Technology

2013 Fracturing Technology