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Nepal television station broadcasts news with oil lamps

Since early February, Nepalese television station Kantipur has used only oil lamps for lighting for the news program 30 minutes starting at 7 pm. Kantipur Television is one of the leading broadcaster of Nepal. With this, the station Kantipur want to highlight the impact of power cuts on a large scale.

The moderator read the newsletter of the light oil. The station director, said the purpose of this is to increase pressure on governments to tackle chronic power cuts.

Nepal who currently suffer from power cuts of around 12 hours a day.

“We want the government to provide more power as soon as possible”, Tirtha Koirala, who heads station Kantipur said. “So far we received only positive responses from the audience but did not receive anything from the government.”

Despite a potential hydroelectric power output of large but Nepal is not only enough to supply half the demand. The 10-year civil war between rebels and the government, which ended in 2006, making the power sector of Nepal at the beginning tu.Khong the world, Nepal’s electricity supply is affected by severe floods Kosi River in 2008, causing the power lines were destroyed. Nepal officials had to cut electricity continuity, affecting daily life of people.

Students must use candles to study. The power shortage has become severe due to lack of rain in winter, as low water levels in rivers, causing the power plant can not operate at full capacity. Nepal officials warned state power cuts of up to at least 14 hours per day may happen in the next few weeks.

“About 400,000 students are preparing for exams and they do not have electricity at night to study,” Director of the station Kantipur said. “The small and medium enterprises have no conditions to buy generators can not operate.”

Mr Koirala said that the evening news programs will continue to be broadcast under the lights of oil until the government is the answer to cut power status.




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