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MicroSeismic announces FracRx

HOUSTON -- MicroSeismic has announced the release of its latest technology, FracRx, a proprietary service which allows operators to increase asset values by optimizing the treatment of each well.

The FracRx service integrates microseismic data with an operator’s pump and geological data to track the growth of the fracture network in all directions and determine how the cumulative fracture area grows with injected fluid volume. This near real-time analysis allows for improved stage coverage, treatment efficiency, and ultimate recovery to increase production.  In addition, information gleaned from FracRx during a treatment helps operators to optimize stage length and treatment design on subsequent wells.
“MicroSeismic’s FracRx service is providing a real breakthrough for operators in shale plays, by using real-time data to provide actual insight into the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing programs. Operators are now able to determine if more fluid or proppant is needed to reach ideal fracture area. In the past, operators received qualitative information from microseismic results. With FracRx these diagnostics are easily quantified,” stated Sudhendu “Kash” Kashikar, V.P. Completions Evaluation, MicroSeismic.
For the first time, operators can easily identify and react to fault reactivation, determine optimal stage length based on drainage area near the wellbore, effectively evaluate whether the treatment is creating new fractures or opening existing fractures, and ensure the treatment is staying in zone.   This breakthrough enables operators to now understand the marginal impact of additional treatment and use that data to make real cost saving decisions. Additionally, this information can be used to evaluate the performance of the treatment to more effectively maximize production.



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