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Japan to build power plants in the sky

Agency Research and Exploitation Space Japan (JAXA) is planning to build a solar power plant in space.

By Telegraph, JAXA would like to put the photovoltaic panels with a width up to several kilometers in  the universe and let them move in a fixed orbit around the earth. The photovoltaic panels are connected together to receive sunlight.

Cosmic rays in the environment with sun intensity 5 times compared to when they fall to the ground. Thus the huge photovoltaic panels can be a very large amount of energy.

Report of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries company confirmed: “As clean solar energy has medium infinite , we believe that photovoltaic systems in space can help us solve electricity shortages and global warming .

After receiving the light, the photovoltaic panels will reflect light to the ground by a laser or ultra-short waves. The light collecting device - shaped like a huge pan antenna - is placed between the sea or lake water to ensure that they are not dangerous to people.

Many expressed the concern when thinking of the prospect of a huge break down the laser beam from space. JAXA announced their system will be safe, but also admitted they would have difficulty convincing people to support the plan. A number of companies and scientists have been selected to design the system photovoltaic panels. As planned, the test version will be launched to space in 2020, also the final version will run in 2030.

JAXA said that if things happen advantageous electromagnetic system in space would cost less than six times the current electricity price.



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