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Improving EOR through sodium polyacrylate as a sacrificial agent

HOUSTON -- An important economical factor affecting enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is the adsorption of surfactants on reservoir rocks. Sacrificial agents may be used to reduce the adsorption of surfactants. An alkali is often used as sacrificial adsorption agent; however, an alkali, such as sodium carbonate, is not an effective sacrificial agent in the presence of anhydrite in the rocks due to the reaction between sodium carbonate and sparingly-soluble anhydrite. Therefore, it is essential to develop a sacrificial adsorption agent that can act effectively in the presence of anhydrites.

Rice University researcher Hadi Shamsi Jazeyi and associates have evaluated sodium polyacrylate as a sacrificial agent for EOR flooding in anhydrites. The addition of sodium polyacrylate was shown to reduce adsorption of a selected anionic surfactant on different outcrop minerals, including Carlpool dolomite, industrial calcite, kaolinite, Berea sandstone, and Indiana limestone.

For detailed information on the application of sodium polyacrylate as a sacrificial agent in EOR surfactant flooding, please refer to SPE paper 164061 presented at the SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry held in The Woodlands, Texas, 8–10 April 2013.



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