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Hess Corporation launches free "Hess Tractor Trek" app

NEW YORK -- Hess Corporation is introducing a new free gaming app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. The Hess Tractor Trek celebrates the 2013 Hess Toy Truck and Tractor, a holiday tradition since 1964, and one of the longest-running toy brands on the market. Icy mountain roads, treacherous desert terrain and volcanic island trails are all in a day' s work for the Hess Tractor. Players take control of the vehicle, and plow their way through the different terrains, clearing the roads for future travelers and fueling up at Hess Express stations along the way.

Throughout the game, players will attempt to cover distances while pulling off stunts to earn in-game Hess Cash, which can be used to upgrade their vehicle, purchase new tractor bodies, and earn short-term perks that will improve performance and earning potential. The 2.5-dimension, side-scrolling game design challenges players' reflexes and minds, as they race over bumpy terrain, jump and flip over, while ensuring their tractor lands safely back on the ground.

Hess Tractor Trek key features include:

• Three unique environments at launch, with more to come in future releases: Players will explore the Snowy Mountains, Red Desert and Volcanic Island at launch, each with unique environmental features.
• Five unique tractors: Throughout the game, players will be able to earn Hess Cash and purchase new tractors with unique attributes: HARDHAT, the 2013 model; SPEEDY, a souped-up racer; BOUNCER, a dune buggy-style tractor; STRETCH, an ultra-long tractor that can grab hard-to-reach coins; JUGGERNAUT, a massive, tank-like model.
• 200 vehicle upgrades: Boost your tractors' speed, acceleration, in-air handling and more, as you progress and earn Hess Cash (for use within the game app, only).
• 2013 Hess Toy Truck and Tractor activation: Honk your physical toy truck' s horn and the app will unlock 100,000 in bonus Hess Cash, which can be used within the game to purchase upgrades or unlock new tractors or environments.
• In-app purchases: All upgrades can be earned through consistent game play, but Hess Cash also will be made available for purchase through Google Play and iTunes.
• Facebook friends' challenge: Syncing with Facebook will let players challenge their friends' best distances and track progress with viewable in-game signposts. It' s a novel twist on the traditional leader board system.

The 2013 Hess Toy Truck is a trailer with a loading ramp that is custom designed to haul a versatile, self-propelled tractor. This year' s Tractor Trek is the fourth free game app released by Hess. The Hess Jet, Hess Racer and Hess Chopper are also available for download on Android and iOS devices.



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