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GOM UPDATE: Relief well planned to regain control of Walter Oil & Gas well

HOUSTON -- Based on a visual flyover inspection conducted by Hercules Offshore, the Hercules 265 jack-up rig is still standing. However, it appears to have sustained extensive damage to the derrick package as a result of the continuing fire that ignited on the morning of July 24.

Hercules is working with Walter Oil & Gas, and their third party expert, in efforts to regain control of the natural gas well, including preparation to drill a relief well.  In the event that a relief well is necessary, Hercules is preparing to promptly mobilize the Hercules 200, a 200-ft mat-supported cantilevered unit, to execute drilling of the relief well.

The visual inspection revealed debris near the well site. Hercules, Walter Oil & Gas and regulatory authorities are continuing to review the area for potential environmental impacts. The company has contracted an outside environmental expert to monitor currents, wind direction and wave height for the potential trajectory of any conceivable environmental spill.



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