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Elon Musk introduces 800-mph Hyperloop pneumatic tube

LOS ANGELES -- Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind Paypal, Tesla Motors and Space X, has revealed the concept of a solar-powered, city-to-city elevated transit system that could take passengers and cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 min.

In Musk’s vision, the Hyperloop would transport people via aluminum pods enclosed inside steel tubes. He describes the design as looking like a shotgun with the tubes running side by side for most of the journey and closing the loop at either end.

Musk figures the Hyperloop could be built for $6 billion with people-only pods, or $10 billion for the larger pods capable of holding people and cars. All together, his alternative would be four times as fast as California’s proposed train, at one-10th the cost. Tickets, Musk says, would be “much cheaper” than a plane ride.

The Hyperloop was designed to link cities less than 1,000 mi apart that have high amounts of traffic between them, Musk says. Under 1,000 mi, the Hyperloop could have a nice edge over planes, which need a lot of time to take off and land. “It makes sense for things like L.A. to San Francisco, New York to D.C., New York to Boston,” Musk says.

Bloomberg Business Week



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