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Caterpillar releases Dynamic Gas Blending retrofit kit for well stimulation applications

HOUSTON -- Caterpillar Global Petroleum today announced that it has developed a Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) retrofit kit for use on the Cat 3512C (HD) engine used in well stimulation applications. Available to order in June 2013, this system will allow for the substitution of diesel fuel with natural gas during high-pressure pumping operations, and is available in both Air To Air After Cooled (ATAAC) and Separate Circuit After Cooled (SCAC) configurations for 2250 hp and 2500 hp @1900rpm ratings.

The DGB system can substitute diesel fuel with natural gas, CNG, LNG and field gas with a lower heating value between 850 and 1,250 Btu, and the engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 level emissions with the combined muffler and Cat Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) included in the DGB kit. The system is capable of achieving maximum substitution at various speeds and loads over the full operating range, and automatically adjusts to changes in gas quality without the need to perform any recalibration or adjustments to the system during or between jobs.

The DGB system is fully integrated with the engine control system and can be installed on existing engines. The combined muffler and DOC eliminate the need for the customer to integrate a DOC with their existing mufflers, and a single Engine Control Unit simplifies the electrical system.



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