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BGP deploys FairfieldNodal’s ZLand nodes for African game reserve seismic project

SUGAR LAND -- FairfieldNodal has announced that BGP has deployed 15,100 ZLand nodes for a very large 3D seismic acquisition project in the famous Murchison Falls National Park and Game Reserve in Uganda. The project marks the largest seismic acquisition ever allowed in this or any of the country’s nine parks and game reserves.

The Murchison Falls area is an extremely sensitive environment, attracting large numbers of wild game, including elephants, giraffes, hippos, leopards, buffalo, Nile crocodile and over 450 species of birds, along with hundreds of visitors each year. The seismic equipment being used for the survey must be as invisible as possible to ensure the protection of the treasured wildlife as well as that of the seismic acquisition itself, which sparked BGP’s decision to use ZLand.

“Obviously, our highest priority is protecting the animals and the natural landscape of this pristine environment,” said Qingping Zeng, General Manager of BGP International. “The ZLand system’s complete lack of cables and excellent HSE advantages made it the perfect choice for us and our client.”
The seismic project, being done for Total, is expected to last for a year.



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