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ARK CLS launches GeoDataSync

BEDFORD, UK -- ARK CLS, a developer of geoscience solutions for the oil & gas industry, has released a new data collaboration technology called GeoDataSync (GDS).

GeoDataSync allows interpreters to use multiple interpretation systems within the same unified workflow. Data can be accessed without the need to copy it, removing the need to make copies of large seismic 3D data volumes and dramatically reducing storage costs.

The initial implementation of GeoDataSync, which has been sponsored by a major operator, has been developed as a plug-in to Petrel seismic simulation software. Through a separate plug-in, GeoDataSync will also allow users access to 3D seismic data volumes and other data stored within dGB Earth Sciences’ seismic interpretation system, OpendTect.

GeoDataSync ensures easy collaboration, access, copying and synchronization between multiple data sources, and software packages, and is ideal for a heterogeneous geoscience software environment. GeoDataSync also works well with smaller datasets, such as interpretative horizons, faults or well data.

It supports data access from legacy systems and can easily access and incorporate historical data into the current interpretation workflow, leveraging previous investments that might have been otherwise forgotten.

GeoDataSync facilitates migration to newer technologies with the minimum of disruption and also significantly reduces the risks of data corruption and data versioning errors.

Depending on customer demand, plans are also being made for further GeoDataSync plug-ins to other mainstream interpretation packages.



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